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Field of wheat with legs in the air. No socks with blue Converse shoes.

Best performing shoe deodorizer on the market!

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I wear Chacos when I travel and they get a little, shall we say, stinky. This product fixed that completely. Small, lightweight for traveling, one night's use made my shoes smell like new again. Thrilled. Definitely recommend

- Pamela M



Shoe Defenders is a woman-owned Colorado-based start up that manufactures in the United States out of Nederland, Colorado.


Our shoe deodorizers were first created to be used on a personal basis to solve the eternal struggle with smelly shoes. Through experimenting with different compounds, the perfect combination of all natural antimicrobials and antifungals from a blend of essential oils was created! After using them and realizing the incredibly beneficial results, we decided to share the product!


Later, we realized a gap in the winter sports market as customers had the same issues with wet and smelly gloves as they did with their shoes.  We decided to use her same patented moisture wicking and odor control technology to manufacture glove defenders!


Shoe and glove defenders are now sold nationwide on a mission to help end smelly shoes for all!


The positive impact of your Shoe and Glove Defenders purchase stretches beyond great smelling shoes and gloves! Our culture is to focus on handmade products that make an impact. Each pair is handmade by local residents who are in need of a flexible schedule or extra income. Our products permit them to work from home and on their own time, enabling them to focus more on themselves, their passions, and their families!

Whether it be their goal to become a teacher or even get out for a morale boosting powder day, we believe that work shouldn't be a roadblock for workers to pursue their own passions!  


Shoe and glove defenders are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are a runner, biker, climber, yogi, hunter, fisherman, skier, or snowboarder our defenders can help keep you smelling fresh all year long!  

However, why stop there?! Our shoe deodorizers and glove deodorizers can also be great for travelers, athletes, worker's boots, nurses and more!

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