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Learn more about the team behind the shoe deodorizer revolution!

Ela Mirowski

Founder and Owner

Favorite Color: Rainbow 

Favorite Food: Jupiter Donuts

Likes: Adventuring in the mountains, playing in the ocean, being creative and science!

Dislikes: Commuting in a car

Nederland, CO

Annie Fernandez

Business Development

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Grapes

Likes: Hiking, running, puns, fun socks

Dislikes: Burnt popcorn, dirty dishes, TV commercials

Boulder, CO



Stinky Shoe Detector

Best Trick: Playing dead dog

Favorite Food: Anything, especially when it hits the floor, even stinky shoes

Likes: Parkour in the mountains

Dislikes: Grapefruit, but he really tries to like it because humans eat it, oh and stinky shoes


Portal to the Universe

Best Trick: Rolling over and looking cute

Favorite Food: Liverwurst filled donuts glazed with gravy and topped with bacon crumbs

Likes: Swimming in the ocean and cuddling during a movie

Dislikes: Fireworks and stinky shoes



Best Trick: Sitting for treats (that's the only trick I know)

Favorite Food: Anything that anyone leaves unattended...

Likes: Long walks, belly rubs, new toys, trying to catch squirrels

Dislikes: Being home alone, thunder storms, not catching the squirrels

Montrose, CO

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