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Back to School Blues?

Why So Early?

It seems that most kids are going back to school earlier than when I was a kid. I remember heading back to school after Labor Day, and recently I've been seeing friends post on Facebook an saying at the grocery store that their kids are already back in school, or heading back next week...yikes, so early!

In Colorado, we had a really late start to Summer this year. In fact, it snowed on us in Nederland on the 4th of July, which means that most kiddos didn't get to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as they would if they went back to school in September. I know that even with the excitement of starting a new school year, there is always a sadness with closing out the summer, saying goodbye to new friends, and moving on.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whether you are back in school now or going back in the next couple of weeks, we have some advice:

1. Its a place and time for you to figure out what you might be good at and what you like to do. Sometimes they are the same, but sometimes they aren't, and that is okay. Sometimes people make a living at what they are good at and sometimes by what they like to do.

2. Tests are not the end of the world, or the gauge by which to tell whether you will be successful in the future. I pretty much detested history, and almost flunked it. I just wasn't interested at the time. But now, I like and even seek our history.

3. Life is long and full of opportunities to learn and don't be ashamed of mistakes you did not intend to make. It is a lot easier to follow the path your parents took than to make one on your own, and happiness comes from being you and being happy being you.

And of course, one last thing. School lockers and gym shoes can be stinky. When you can change something for the better, you best go do it. So when you are out getting your school supplies, consider getting a pair of Shoe Defenders...they will fight the funk for the whole school year.

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