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Cold Hands?! Cold Feet?! Find out what can help you stay warm this winter.

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Remember the excitement of a deep snow fall, running outside and doing the Nestea plunge then wiggling your hands and arms to leave behind a snow angel? When I was a child, I loved the snow so much that after making a family of snow angels, I made an entire living room "furniture" set by packing the snow into different shaped chairs and tables. I was so absorbed by the snow I wouldn't even notice my hands and feet went numb, until I was bribed inside with my mom's offer of sweet and creamy whole milk hot chocolate.

Taking off my gloves, my mom would quickly go to the bathroom and start filling up the sink with water. Then that tingling started in my fingers, turning into a painful throbbing sensation, accompanied by my whining and groaning, which shortly turned into operatic crying from the pain.

My mom would escort me to the bathroom and put my hands in the water....cold water!!! Of course I thought my mom must have mistakingly turned on the wrong faucet, so in between my heaving crying, I said, "it's cold water hands are cold so the water should be warm." As a kid, I didn't know you could do damage to the nerves in your fingers if you put them in hot water when they were showing signs if being cold. And in the amount of pain I was in, this logic would never settle in my brain, so I am thankful my mom was there to be the voice of reason and save me from doing irreparable harm to my hands.

I have always had problems with keeping my hands and feet warm in the winter... especially in humid climates. I've tried techniques like getting my hands cold first, then warm and then put them into my gloves. The idea here is my hands would get a taste of how cold it was out there and start regulating my blood flow to help keep warm. It worked, but only for about an hour, anything longer, and I was toast. I tried heating packs, but still did not completely work past the 2 hour mark. I loved being outside in the snow, so how was I ever going to last more than two hours?

When things are wet, it is really hard to keep them warm and what was happening was the liners of my gloves and boots would absorb the sweat from my hands and feet, and often enough this sweat would not evaporate before the next time I would need to put on my gloves and boots. So each subsequent day, my hands and feet would get colder faster and faster, until...

I started to dry out my boots and gloves using an air flow system built by my father. It would help tremendously, but in the end, the device required power, a decent amount of space, and was not easy to transport. So I developed these nifty little sachets, called Glove Defenders. Just by popping them into your gloves, they will dry them out overnight. The Glove Defenders will also emit essential oils with antimicrobial properties to help make the insides smell great. And, on top of those benefits, they doubled the lifespan of my gloves.

Winter is coming and dry gloves and shoes mean warm hands and feet. Check out our Glove Defenders and use Coupon Code: BEHAPPY...valid only on our site.

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