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Discover the Magic Behind Shoe Defenders

Our product may look simple, but there is actually a lot of science and technology behind it. Read this article to learn how they work!

Shoe Defenders were designed by our founder who is a PhD chemist. Our founder used her knowledge and expertise in chemistry to create a scientifically backed product that is one of the most effective shoe deodorizers on the market.

Our Technology

Shoe Defenders consist of a clay base, essential oils, and a carrier. The clay base is a huge component of Shoe Defender's success. Shoe Defenders are able to absorb 10x more moisture than leading brands and actively fight odor causing bacteria rather than just mask it. This is largely due to the clay base. Clay is moisture activated and is able to expand greatly. This allows it to hold more essential oils for more odor elimination as well as absorb more moisture.

We also use a proprietary blend of antimicrobial and antifungal essential oils. This

special blend of carefully selected essential oils makes our product incredibly effective at actually fighting odor. It also means that our product is all natural. Many shoe deodorizers on the market use harmful and smelly chemicals. So, not only do our essential oils fight bacteria, but they keep you safe, are all natural, and are good for the planet.

The last main ingredient is our carrier, BotaBlend. BotaBlend allows our product to last up to a year! BotaBlend prolongs the life of the essential oils. While the initial scent may fade before a year, our product will continue to work its magic. This makes Shoe Defenders one of the longest lasting products on the market and one of the most economical!

Our Sizes

We have two sizes of Shoe Defenders to meet all types of needs.

Our X-Large size on the left is built for Men's shoes that are sized 11+, waterlogged shoes and shoes with thicker soles. The larger size works great for those trickier and larger shoes. Our original size on the right works great in most other types of shoes. The X-Large size is new this month and is currently available for purchase on our website. They will also be available on Amazon shortly!

Our Shapes

Along with our different sizes, we also have two different styles of shoe deodorizers for different shoe styles.

The left image is what we call our Footpad Shape. The right is our Sole Shape. The Footpad variation is great for shoes such as sandals, chacos, pumps, and generally shoes where socks are not worn. Most of the sweat glands in feet are concentrated in the ball of your foot so that footpad shape is designed to target that area. Our Sole Shape is great for traditional sneakers and outdoor shoes. However, both shapes contain the same great blend of clay and essential oils so they will both be equally effective in your shoes!

We hope this article helped you learn just what makes Shoe Defenders so effective and unique! Since our inception in 2012, we have come so far and have helped eliminate shoe odor for people across the country and even Canada! We are excited to continue to grow and pursue our mission of eliminating shoe odor for all!

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