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How to use Shoe Defenders

Most people are used to putting inserts into their shoes or using sprays and powders in their shoes to keep odor at bay. Shoe Defenders were designed to work in your shoes while your feet are resting. Place them in the shoe when you are done wearing it and it works overnight to absorb sweat and release a proprietary blend of botanicals to keep odors at bay.

When you are ready to wear your shoes, take the Shoe Defenders out. And here is one of the coolest can put them in another pair of shoes for the day. If you want them to work harder, just add about a tablespoon of water into the shoe and swoosh it around to coat the inside. Then pop the Shoe Defenders in. They work anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on how much you sweat and how much of the flora in your shoe has to be fought to keep odors at bay. For most people they last a year.

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