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Is that MY kid that smells?

It isn't news to anyone that kids can get a little (or a lot) smelly! Kids who are active in sports get a triple whammy as increased sweat adds to the other odor-causing villains known as bacteria and hormones. As kids hit that developmental stage, they get even more hormones which, in turn, causes kids to sweat and smell a lot more. Smelly feet and shoes often become the biggest culprits of body odor among developing children. Why, you may ask?! It is a little known fact, but feet actually contain the most sweat glands of any part of the human body, totalling over 200,000 on average! Shoes don't help the problem as they offer a moist and warm environment - the perfect breeding

ground for bacteria. And, after your young athlete has been running around in their shoes for hours, no one can even hope to be safe from the stink. Sorry for the bad news! However, the good news? We can help! As much as you hate the smell of your kiddos shoes, we can bet it isn't any more fun for them.

While they may not notice (or care) when they are younger, as they get older, they certainly will and foot odor can, no doubt, be embarrassing! Below, we have shared several easy tips and tricks to help keep your children's foot odor at bay (feel free to thank us later)!

Wear the Right Socks

Surprisingly, socks can play a big role in how much feet and shoes smell! Some fabrics

are more breathable than others, and can actually play a big part in foot odor. Opt for cotton socks when possible. Cotton is a natural fabric and actually absorbs more moisture than many other fabrics. Cotton socks will help absorb some of that sweat from your kid's shoes and help prevent it from festering in the shoe, causing bacteria to grow. Cotton also has been known to release smells and clean easier when washed.

Avoid socks made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon. These fabrics have bad ventilation and bacteria grows much more easily on them.

Air Shoes Out

It is very common for kids to just shove cleats, volleyball shoes, or any other athletic shoes they have into their sports bags when they are done wearing them. It may be convenient, but it certainly makes for smellier shoes and feet. Shoving them back into a bag doesn't give the shoes a chance to air out which gives bacteria even more opportunities to grow. Between uses, make sure the shoes are getting left out in the open and outside if possible. This will drastically cut down on odor!

Check Shoe Sizes

Kids grow... fast! This means it is entirely possible that they are wearing sneakers that are too small. If so, this is only adding to odor causing bacteria. Double check your kids are wearing the right size. Even if it means buying a new pair of shoes, you will both end up benefiting!

Use Shoe Defenders

While these tips and tricks will help towards less smelly shoes, more often than not, they

will not be enough. Shoe Defenders were created specifically for this purpose- to rid the world (and parents) from having to deal with shoe odor!

They use a patented technology to remove 22 grams of moisture overnight while releasing essential oils to leave shoes smelling great in the morning. To use, simply place one in each shoe overnight and let them work their magic. Yup, it's as easy as that! One pair can last up to a year and they are all natural!

Foot odor is no joke, but we hope you've learned it doesn't have to be a persisting problem! Start implementing these tips and tricks right away and help us on our mission to end smelly shoes for all, one shoe at a time!

Contact us at if you have any questions or want to share your smelly shoes stories!

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