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Keeping Kids Safe During Summer Sports

Summer sports are in full swing, learn a few quick tips to make this the best and safest season for your kiddos yet!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This one may seem obvious, but it is the most important and simplest way to keep your loved one safe from the heat. Make sure you pack a fully filled bottle before you leave the house. If it is a super long and hot day, be sure to pack backups. We recommend using an insulated stainless steel water bottle that will keep the water cold all day. It will encourage hydration as the cold water will be refreshing.

Check their Shoe Size

This tip is a little less obvious. It is not new news that kids grow, fast! Their old sneakers

or cleats from last summer or even the fall may no longer fit them. They may not notice the tighter fit with all the summer excitement, but their feet certainly will. Tight fitting shoes increase the likelihood of blisters, inflammation, soreness and ingrown nails. Doing a quick size check can be an easy way to avoid future issues and make sure your child has an injury-free summer!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Making sure your child is properly nourished is just as important as making sure they are hydrated. While it can be easy to just toss any snack in your kiddos bag, making

sure you are packing nourishing snacks is just

as important as packing snacks in the first place. Many traditional snacks such as fruit snacks and granola bars actually contain high amounts of sugar. Avoiding overly processed foods with high sugar contents will ensure your child doesn't have an energy crash midday. Stick to snacks such as fresh fruits (they will also help with hydration), veggies and plain popcorn.

Reapply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen in the morning before leaving for a long day at sports camp or for a day of tournaments is a great start. However, that sunscreen quickly can get worn off as your child is running around and sweating in the heat. Make sure to pack a bottle in their bag and remind then to reapply every couple of hours. We also recommend using natural sunscreen as it is free from harmful chemicals and can help avoid irritation.

Cut Down on the Pressure

This is a big one as the rate of injury for young athletes is on the rise.

Remember that, above all else, sports really are just a way to have fun during the summer. They help keep kids active and are a great way to build connections and friendships. If your kiddo is complaining of an injury, make sure you give them time to heal. Do not push them past their limits and make sure to listen to what they need.

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