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Best Reviews and Most Common Suggestion of Shoe Defenders

Every company has it's loyal fans and more critical skeptics, and we are no different! Read this article to learn about what people love about Shoe Defenders, what some criticize about our product, and what we are doing to tackle those complaints!

There is nothing we love more then getting honest reviews from our customers, whether positive or negative. That being said, we always love hearing how much people love our product! We wanted to share 10 of our favorite reviews to date.

1. "...I bought one set of these to try with my 9 year old's soccer cleats (which smell horrendous after a soccer game). Within one night the horrible smell was gone. I was shocked, I had hope that this product would work but also had realistic expectations, that were far exceeded. I've started rotating the shoe defenders between all the shoes they wear on a regular basis, but am now going to buy 3 more sets to just have them with their shoes whenever they take them off. (And I am going to try them on the goalie gloves my son uses for soccer.) Great idea and great product."

- Michelle M

2. "These are fantastic. I travel a lot for work and live out of suitcase. These help keep my shoes fresh all the time and prevent them from stinking up my clothes in suitcase. I need to order more for my shoes at home in the closet."

- Collin M

We love this review as we are always telling people these are great for travel as they are super lightweight. Whether you are traveling for business and need to keep your shoes stink free for professional reasons, or are traveling for to explore the outdoors, or are walking all over a city, Shoe Defenders are a great option to keep you stink free on any adventure.

3. "When you pull these out of the package it seems strange because they are so small. In fact they are about half the length of my climbing shoes. However, they work incredibly well. I had some serious foot stank, I mean I would be seriously embarrassed any time I took my climbing shoes off in the gym. No socks, socks, it didn't make a difference. I tried using some sprays, but they just seemed to mask the smell. These seem to work on a much deeper level to actually remove the funk from the shoes. It has been a month so far and they work incredibly well."

- Christian M

This is a great review as some comment about the size of our Shoe Defenders. However, they are specifically designed this way and do NOT need to cover the entire shoe sole. They were designed by a PhD Chemist to be the optimum size for moisture absorption and odor elimination. They are also consistent in size to other products on the market. We are also proud that our product fights odors, not just masks it. We are so glad our customers see that benefit!

4. "Simply the best. I finally found a product that eliminates the moisture and odor in my work boots that I spend so much time in. I've tried sprays, the scent balls,charcoal etc. I bought my first pair a month ago. I can't live without them. I just ordered two more today because I want a set for each of my frequently used shoes."

- Delores W

5. "These saved my girlfriend from leaving me a broken and lonely man"

- James K

Short and sweet, but to the point! This one was also too funny and we couldn't help but share it!

6. " I have tried many products to get rid of the odor in my shoes but have always been left disappointed. These are the first shoe deodorizers that I have tried that work . My running and hiking shoes finally smell great! They also help to dry my shoes out after a run or hike in the rain so they are good to go the next day! They come in an awesome reusable tin and I plan to use these as stocking stuffers this Christmas!"

- Robbyn F

Our products absorb 10X more moisture than leading brands and we love to hear about our customers benefiting from that!

7. "This product is amazing. It's the only product I have found that really works in my shoes. This works great for gloves and kids shoes. I also recommend these for gym bags. They take the stink and moisture away."

- Amazon Customer

We love this comment as there are so many uses for our Shoe Defenders beyond just shoes! They can also be great in lunch boxes!

8. " My shoes smelled like death. Seriously, on my feet all day with nylons on. Wow it was terrible. I could smell my feet while helping clients. It was sooooo embarrassing. I got these and put them in. The next day they smelled less horrible and the third day there was "NO!!!!" smell of bacteria or death. I even had my coworker smell my shoes. Love these. Buying another pair. "

- Gina M

Another comment that was too funny not to share! But it also brings up a great point which is that shoe odor can be incredibly embarrassing!! Here at Shoe Defenders we are on a mission to end shoe funk and embarrassment for all!

9. "These are awesome annual stocking/shoe stuffers for the whole family. We use them for our work shoes, ski boots, climbing shoes (!!!), and ski gloves, this gives them extra life and is a way cheaper than replacing any of our outdoor gear."

- Elizabeth C

Shoe Defenders can be used by anyone of any age and in so many different types of shoes! And yes, they can help you save BIG on gear!

10. "Other brands of shoe deodorizers I've ordered got tossed because the sweet suffocating odor was nauseating and permeated my entire closet. So I was concerned about these. However, I'm a new fan of these Shoe Defenders made in Colorado. There is a delicate pine-like scent and I do smell it ever so slightly when I go into my closet, but it's a clean and fresh scent. And it does leave my shoes and winter slippers refreshed. No migraines for me here..."

- Peggy M

We pride ourselves on using all natural ingredients and we love to hear that it's helping our customers!

We hoped you enjoyed reading some of our favorite reviews as much as we did! However, now it is time to share some of the complaints we have had. And most importantly, what we are doing to improve!

The biggest concern we have run into is the size of our product. While they were

scientifically designed by a PhD Chemist to be the perfect size for moisture absorption and while they are comparable to other products on the market, it has still been a concern for our customers. Therefore, we have listened and responded!

We have now come out with a larger size of Shoe Defenders to meet our customer's needs!

New XL Shoe Defender Size

Original Shoe Defender Size

As you can see above we are very excited to have created an XL size! These work great in Men's size shoes of 9+, shoes with thicker soles, and shoes that are water logged. This new size is currently available for purchase on our website and will be available soon on Amazon.

As mentioned before, we love getting feedback even if it is critical. Hearing from our customers is the best way for us to improve! Whether you have a great review or something we can improve upon, let us know at! We look forward to hearing from you!

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