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Shoe Defenders FAQs

Everything you need to know so you can defend your shoes like a pro!

Let's start with the simplest but also the most important question which is:

How do I use Shoe Defenders?!

One of the best aspects of Shoe Defenders is that they are incredibly easy to use! After taking off your shoes, put one bag in each shoe. If you forget to put them in right after

removing your shoes, or are using them in a dry pair of shoes, add 1 TBSP of water to each shoe before inserting each bag. Shoe Defenders are moisture activated so this extra water will help activate the essential oils inside and help your shoes on their journey towards being stink free! For best results, leave the bags in overnight.

What do I do with the Shoe Defenders in-between uses?

Another great aspect about Shoe Defenders is that, unlike other products on the market, there is no need to reactivate, bake, or take any action on the defenders in-between uses. They come with a handy carabiner so you can hang them from your gym bag, dresser, or any other convenient place. Or, after you are done using them in one pair of shoes, go ahead and pop them in another!

Are they big enough for my shoes?

Don't let their smaller size deceive you, these defenders pack a punch! A common misconception is that they need to cover your entire shoe sole to be effective. This is certainly NOT true! What really matters is how much filling is inside the defenders. We have scientifically found the perfect amount to include inside them for the defenders to be effective in everyday shoes. As they are activated, they diffuse the essential oils into the fibers of your shoe, and therefore do not need to cover every square inch. However, depending on your shoe type and moisture level, you may need more, which leads us to our next question!

Will they work in all shoes?

For basic, everyday shoes such as Chacos, sandals, sneakers, etc our defenders will work great! However, if you have thicker soled shoes such as hiking boots or work boots, or if you have very waterlogged shoes, they may not be enough. But, have no fear! We are currently working on an XL size that will work very effectively for these more stubborn shoes. We will be rolling them out later this summer so make sure to look out for them on our website and Amazon store!

What are they made out of?

We pride ourselves on not only solving the issue of stinky shoes, but doing so while focusing on the environment. Therefore, we use all natural ingredients in our products.

We steer clear of harmful chemicals used in other similar products to keep your feet, and the environment, safe! We use a clay base and a proprietary blend of antifungal and antimicrobial essential oils to effectively fight odors in your shoes! The fabric is cotton, making it completely biodegradable. This makes all elements of our product either compostable or recyclable!

We hope these FAQs give you the confidence you need to purchase a pair of Shoe Defenders and the knowledge to use them to their fullest potential! Still have questions? We would love to help you answer them! Email us at and we will help in any way we can!

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