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PATENTED moisture control technology will keep stink at bay for 1 year

SMALL, LIGHT & EASY TO USE: pop them in your gloves overnight

NATURAL proprietary blend of essential oils are released to leave a fresh scent

A GREAT GIFT for your kids, or the athlete, skier, hiker, fisherman, dancer, climber, soccer, football, baseball, basketball player or crossfit guru

Glove Deodorizers

  • How often do you wash your clothes? And how often do you wash your shoes? Protect your feet and your footwear from dank sweat and bad odors with Shoe Defenders™ shoe deodorizing packs. Can be used in dress and casual shoes, boots, ski boots, hiking boots, gym shoes, sneakers, climbing shoes, biking shoes, boat shoes, sandals and even flip-flops to eliminate stink and foul funky smells. Shoe Defenders™ are moisture activated to release a special blend of essential oils, coating the inside of your shoes deep into the lining to thwart the growth of smelly and harmful microbes. With a patented technology they work for up to 1 year and extend the life of your shoes. Each Shoe Defender™ is about 3.5"w x 4.5"l and weighs 2 oz...they're small but they pack a punch! Easy to use, just place one Shoe Defender™ pack in each shoe directly after taking shoes off. They work for hours overnight to make sure your footwear is ready for your feet the next day. Be sure to remove the Shoe Defenders™ from shoes before putting your shoes back on as they are NOT meant to be worn with your shoes. For old and super stinky shoes, or if you forget to place the Shoe Defenders™ in your shoes right away, put a little water (like a squirt from a water bottle) inside each shoe and swish it around. Leave the water in the smelly shoe and place Shoe Defenders™ inside the smelly shoe. They'll work even harder at transforming the bad odor. With an appealing flames pattern, they will be easy to talk about and share with your friends and family. Scented with Lavender Vetiver fragrance to add to your shoe defense experience. These are great for everyone who wants to keep their feet healthy. Whether you are training for a competition, hiking the mountains, traveling through hot and humid environments or commuting by foot in the city, your shoes and feet will benefit from Shoe Defenders. Fight the Funk!

  • 90 day Return and Refund Policy.

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